Buy 9, get one free!

If you order nine same-size lightweight or standard weight stretchers under or up to 30 x 30 inches, we’ll give you one for free!

Or you can order 9 same-size panels 16 x 16 inches or under, we’ll give you one for free!

Discounted Inventory Bars and Panels      updated 10/2/2023
These are all before tax prices.
LW is lightweight. SW is standard weight and more reinforced. Panel means faced with birch ply. We can add canvas or linen or whatever you like to any of these:

sorry, barely any left – only these:

1@ 48 x 48 x 1 1/2 inch stretcher bar $85
44 x 44 x 1 inch cradled wood panel $100
2@ 36 x 36 x 3 inch cradled wood panels with canvas and black gesso $100 each